The COMIND® immersion heaters are manufactured to resist corrosion, and maintain its useful life.
Used for petroleum applications, soap and detergent solutions, demineralized water, lubricants, waxes, corrosive liquids and heat under gas flow, mainly covering chemical, oil, food and process industries.

We build our heaters custom made as requierement of our customers.

Check the available models according to the type of flange and application.




Flanged Heater

COMIND Industries® flange immersion heaters are standardized or customer-manufactured . The construction is based in a  tubular elements attached to a flange. This flange together with the heater is attached to the container and provide temperature  in  liquid  or gas of different chemical composition (waters, oils, gases, acids, etc.).

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Screw Plug Heaters

The COMIND® thread heaters are immersion heaters that consist of tubular elements manufactured according to the power and voltage specified by the customer. This thread next to the heater are designed to be screwed to a tank or pressurized container where there is connection wire.

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Circulation Heaters

The COMIND® circulation heaters consist of a carbon steel or stainless steel chamber, inside which is mounted a flange or thread type resistance, which allows to increase the temperature of a liquid or gas only for the time it is delay in going through the heater, with an inlet and outlet chamber that allows the passage of the flow of what you want to heat

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Over the side Heater

COMIND® portable heaters are manufactured to heat large tank or container dimensions to your specifications. They are custom designed with multiple tubular elements inside the container and with temperature controllers through the dashboard or directly in the power box outside the container.